New Walkerston Signage - A project of the Rotary Club of Walkerston

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The two old signs have gone to good homes 😊

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Rotary Club of Walkerston
PO Box 138 Walkerston Queensland 4751

Chartered 10 September 1991

Meetings are held each Tuesday, 7.00 for 7.15pm
@ Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Dutton Street, Walkerston

Rotary International President 2020-2021 -  Holger Knaack
 District 9570 Governor 2020-2021 - Adele Hughes
District 9570 Governor Elect Martti Kankkunen
Assistant DG9570 Group 1 -  Bente McDonald

Walkerston Rotary President 2020-2021 – Brendan Crowley

Past Presidents
1991-1992 Jeff Graham
1992-1993 Greg Edwards
1993-1994 Robin Linton
1994-1995 Peter Christensen
1995-1996 Mal Patch
1996-1997 Andrew Barfield
1997-1998 Shane Jamison
1998-1999 Chris Lamb
1999-2000 John Barfield
2000-2001 Greg Plath
2001-2002 Col Baldock
2002-2003 Shane Jamison
2003-2004 Lorraine Edwards
2004-2005 Ray Borg
2005-2006 Geoff Kent
2006-2007 Robin Linton
2007-2008 Andrew Barfield
2008-2009 Bente McDonald
2009-2010 Rob Oliver
2010-2011 Steve Fordyce
2011-2012 Keith Wotley
2012-2013 John Lemura
2013-2014 Joan McNeill
2014-2015 Carol Hughes
2015-2016 Bente McDonald
2016-2017 Neil Blackburn
2017-2018 Ray Borg
2018-2019 Greg Plath
2019-2020 Rob Oliver

Walkerston Rotary Club & the township of Walkerston

The Rotary Club of Walkerston is one of the youngest - chartered in 1991 - and smaller, clubs of District 9570, with around 15-25 members. Club meetings are held Tuesday nights at Walkerston's oldest pub, the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel.
Walkerston Rotary coordinates, as well as supports, many local community event such as  the club's yearly events - Carols by Candlelight and Tractor Pull - as well as the Pioneer Valley Schools Public Speaking Competition and Walkerston Library's Book Week Parade.
The club also supports other Rotary programs such as Rotary Youth Exchange Program (RYEP), sponsorships to the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) to name just a few...
Club members, both male and female, are from various walks of life. A good mixture, which makes for good fellowship and excellent club achievements.

The township of Walkerston - with a population of 3403 according to 2016 census - is named after John Walker who was a sugar plantation owner in the Walkerston/Homebush area. Walkerston - affectionately known as ’Scrubby’, from the then scrubby terrain of the creek banks - is situated approximately 10 kilometres west of Mackay (Central Queensland, Australia). 
In 1866, Walkerston was known mainly as Scrubby Creek, with a small section known as Alsatia. In 1881, Scrubby & Alsatia joined to form Walkerston (Gazetted 22 December 1881).
On the western side of the township is the historic Greenmount Homestead - a sketch of the homestead is the main feature on the Walkerston Rotary Club banner.

The Greenmount site was first settled in 1862 by Captain John Mackay, for whom the City of Mackay is named. The homestead was built in 1915 by the Cook family. It is the only heritage listed homestead in the Mackay region.

About 100 years ago - Kirkup's Store in Walkerston
Painting by Pat Hamilton 1992

Linocut by Glen Skien